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從一個愛吃愛生活的「暖男大叔」變成為一名飲食文化達人、專欄作家、電視節目客席廚師、星級 料理導師,中葡混血兒 John Rocha 在短短5年間已出版了四本個人食譜書藉,社會媒體有超過50,000名粉絲,料理班已經辦了超過500節。

《我想你煮》貫徹了 John Sir 的風格,超過40道家庭料理,集合了中、⻄元素,做法簡單,適合日常入廚之用;而一衆「煮食迷」更可參考作者如何對菜式的演繹和變化,從而啟發入廚千變萬化 的趣味性,煮出一道自己喜歡的味道。

John Rocha 用烹飪去體驗味道的感覺。透過菜式開竅了我們的回憶、思念、憧憬又或是一笑置之的感覺:人生第一個飯盒的味道、疫情肆虐卻令我們更珍惜人與人的距離感、移⺠潮餞行飯觸碰了作者回憶的思緒。

這是一本食譜書,也是一本充滿了味道的讀物。細味每一文章、味嚐每一食譜,體驗活在當下。用食物影響生命,John Sir 想你煮出來。

Genre :Cookbook
Language : English and Chinese
Number of Pages : ~232 pages
Printing : Paperback, Color
Publisher : WE Press Co. Ltd. 香港人出版
Publication date : 11-2021

John Rocha

John Rocha is a Chinese-Portuguese Eurasian. After years of corporate life in strategic marketing and brand management, John left his own consultancy business and started his new pursuits in 2013. Raised in a family with both Chinese and Western roots, John has learnt how to appreciate different cultures, customs and values since he was a young kid. At a very young age, John began to show a keen interest in culinary art and over the years he has inherited a lot of Macanese heritage cooking recipes and techniques from his beloved Avo (‘Grandma’ in Portuguese)  and mom. Realising that fewer and fewer people would know of these recipes as the older generations are gone, he sets out a mission to preserve as many as he can.

In December 2016, John started his own blog Eurasian Food Journey on Facebook and Instagram to introduce and share recipes on Macanese and Portuguese cooking. In January 2017, he started hosting cooking classes in Hong Kong on Macanese and Portuguese cooking, which have been well received by people who love cooking. John has conducted over 200 classes in one year. He is currently a cooking instructor at Towngas Cooking Centre, Bma Home & Kitchen and The Cooking Alley. John also appeared in local media to talk about western cooking and did a special feature in Portugal on food and dining reported on Apple Daily.

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