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The Ham Har Chaan Cookbook
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Author John Rocha | Bilingual Book


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The Ham Har Chaan Cookbook is not just a book about recipes. It is a book about people, about how food inspires people, and how food connects people.

Chinese-Portuguese Eurasian John Rocha has won over 10,000 followers in less than a year, and conducted over 200 cooking classes. He is famous for simple and yet delicious Portuguese and Macanese recipes that made home cooking so much fun. No fuss with plating, his recipes are purely the authentic taste of food.

John is truly a man of passion and love. His home recipes remind his childhood memories, bonding between he and his father, the love of his late grandma, and what he sees from the eyes of a celebrity cooking instructor. There are moments to laugh at, to cry for and to treasure. Ham Har Chaan Cookbook takes readers to a journey of love and fun in 3 parts: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Featuring 40 Macanese and Portuguese recipes, including the very famous Bacalhau Fritters, African Chicken, the long lost recipes of Daibo and Batatada.

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Genre :Cookbook
Language : English and Chinese
Number of Pages : ~268 pages
Printing : Paperback, Color
Publisher : WE Press Co. Ltd. 香港人出版
Publication date : 12-2018

John Rocha

John Rocha is a Chinese-Portuguese Eurasian with years of experience in marketing & brand management, and managed his own consultancy prior to stepping into the culinary world.  Raised in a family with both Chinese and Western roots, John showed a keen interest in cooking, and over the years inherited dozens of Macanese heritage cooking recipes and techniques from his beloved grandma and mom. He started his social media platform in December 2016 to share recipes and photos, and began hosting cooking classes in 2017. He is currently a guest instructor at Towngas Cooking Centre, and as a brand ambassador for a number of leading cooking-related brands. He’s also helping clients to conduct cooking demos, and recipes’ planning and development.

John spent a lot of time in the research and study of food history and culture in recent years, and introduced creative cooking with an array of home-cooked dishes from around the world. He also organized premium food and cultural tours to Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, and Thailand for his cooking students and fans.  He creates, plans and supervises his own videos on cooking, themed dishes, and the popular series “John’s Mobile Kitchen”.

TV Programme : Hong Kong Open TV 《30分鐘大放餸》
Radio Programme : RTHK Radio 5 《有你同行》

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