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Meals on a Loveseat
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Author Kiki Hime | Bilingual Book


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“Meals on a Loveseat” is written for couples who want to show their love and passion for each other through food. It features easy recipes that are designed to help young couples get into the habit of cooking at home. The recipes cover a wide range of cuisines; many are dishes seen on the menus of popular restaurants. But none of the recipes use techniques or steps that are beyond the skills of most beginning cooks, and almost all of the ingredients can be found in large supermarkets.

The recipes in “Meals on a Loveseat” are offered to help young couples enjoy one of the greatest domestic pleasures: sitting down with a partner at the end of the workday, sharing food and thoughts on a loveseat.

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Language : English and Chinese
Number of Pages : ~200 pages
Printing : Hard Cover, Color
Publisher : WE Press Co. Ltd. 香港人出版
Publication date : 17-11-2014
"I love the way Kiki has thought about the recipes and the simplicity for the reader to understand. All the dishes look so delicious and are easy to prepare at your home. You can see the passion in every step."
Harlan Goldstein (Hong Kong Celebrity Chef)
"Kiki has created a beautiful and structured book with easy-to-use recipes that makes it a handy guide for everyday cooking – by yourself or your loved ones.  Bon Appetit!"
Heinz Fischer (Master Culinarian)
「人靚聲甜會彈竪琴會烹飪現在還會寫書!  我是親嚐過Kiki手藝的過來人,我的推薦,可靠!來,讓下廚的心思滋潤二人的世界!」
古巨基 (Alice Wild – Luscious Cafe & Confectionery)
KC (全職食評家及飲食專欄作者)

Kiki Hime

With the zodiac sign of Libra, Kiki always tries to strike a balance between work and leisure. When work is hectic, she balances it with her favorite hobby, cooking. She sees cooking as a lifestyle that feeds her passion for food and as a way to show love and affection to the people who are most important to her. Ever since her first cooking class at age six, her passion for cooking has never waned, but has taken her through a French cookery course, to an exchange program in Japan where she worked on an organic farm and in local restaurants. Her love of food, and the inspiration from people she has met all over the world, encourages her to hone her skills and become even more creative in the kitchen. She has also discovered how important and meaningful it is to show your love to your partner and family through food.

Kiki writes this cookbook to share some of her favorite recipes and hopes to help young couples discover the pleasure in cooking and enjoying a meal with loved ones.

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