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Sunshine Amid the Pandemic
疫情 亦晴
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Author Dr. Ivan Mak | Chinese Book


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The book captures the photographic works of Hong Kong during the epidemic and features ten true stories, allowing citizens to revisit and reprocess their emotions. The more than 100 excellent works in the book and photography exhibition were selected from thousands of pieces collected from the public during the three-year epidemic by the Mental Health Photography Society, hoping to use photography and stories to promote self-healing.

Written by psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and senior social workers, the ten “Mental Health Tips”, together with information and contact details of emotional disorders counselling organizations throughout Hong Kong, make this book a must-have mental health information resource for families, encouraging citizens to face up to emotional problems.

The book has received endorsements from many prominent figures, including the Chief Executive of HKSAR, Mr John KC LEE, Dr KO Wing-man, Professor Sophia CHAN Siu-chee, Professor CHAN Ka Leung, Professor CHEN Yu Hai, Lawrence CHENG, Timothy CHENG, Claudia LAU, Karen CHENG, and Master Chang Lin (Alain YIP).

Genre:Self-Improvement, Photography, Health
Language : Chinese
Number of Pages : ~220 pages
Printing : Paperback, Colors
Publisher : WE Press Co. Ltd. 香港人出版
Publication date : 18-6-2023

Dr. Ivan Mak 麥永接醫生


Founder and president of the Mental Health Photography Society and aspecialist in psychiatry. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, he served at United Christian Hospital. Some of the many critically ill patients he treated were from the Amoy Garden. He recalled that although SARS disappeared swiftly within three months, many patients suffered long-term psychological trauma. Dr MAK published a report in an international medical journal. He discovered that even two and half years after the epidemic outbreak, nearly one-third of the recovered patients still had some form of mental health problem, and one-quarter of them had post-traumatic stress disorder.


Dr Ivan W. C. MAK established the Mental Health Photography Society to advocate photography as a way of “self-healing” for people to express their emotions and feelings and to embrace a positive mindset to face society after the pandemic.

Mental Health Photography Society 心影薈


“Mental Health Photography Society” was founded in 2013 by mental health professionals, and medical and photography enthusiasts and officially became a registered charity in Hong Kong in February 2017. It has been actively participating in community work, such as organizing meaningful photography competitions, setting up volunteer photography teams, regularly holding photography activities and photo-sharing sessions, and actively collaborating with patient organizations and other non-profit organizations promoting mental health to hold photography-related events. Through the gathering of photography enthusiasts, they aim to share culture and raise awareness of mental health, hoping to promote positive attitudes towards mental health in society.

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